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Become a Volunteer
(Get Badged!)

Volunteer badges are good for almost 5 years once completed!  
Be a part of the learning and fun with our students 
by becoming a St. John's volunteer.

Volunteer Clearance Requirements

For the safety of our students at St. John the Baptist Catholic School, we require each volunteer to have the following clearances on file BEFORE their first day of volunteering with our students! If you do not have clearances on file, you will not be allowed to volunteer at school.

Clearances are valid for 59 months.

Scroll down and click the "Adult Volunteer Requirements" dropdown menu.

You will see the requirements, which will include instructions, under "Adult School Volunteers."


  • PA State Police Criminal History Check (WRITE DOWN THE CONTROL NUMBER BEFORE PRINTING - starts with an "R")

  • PA Child Abuse History Check

  • FBI Report (Fingerprinting) - only for School Adult Volunteers who have not been continuous residents of Pennsylvania for the past ten (10) years

  • Adult Unpaid Position Disclosure Statement

  • Online Training Course (3 hours) - Do this while you complete the other requirements as it really does take 3 hours to complete! You do not have to do the training all at once. You can click on “close and save” and continue later. You do this by logging back onto the University of Pittsburgh website and clicking on the training course. Click “ok” in the pop-up window that asks if you would like to go to the last visited location.

Collect all certificates and turn them into the School Office.

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