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Lunch & Recess


Students should bring their lunch in a lunch box or bag clearly marked with their name. Student’s packed lunches cannot be refrigerated or heated at school. Any utensils needed by the student to eat their lunch should be included in their lunch (plastic spoons/forks).


Families in grades K-6 may complete order forms for their students to receive a large soft pretzel on Tuesdays, Subway on Wednesdays and pizza on Fridays. Order forms and additional information will be sent home at the beginning of the year. As a Catholic School, we strive to maintain the custom of meatless Fridays as a communal act of penance.


Recess is a necessary part of the school day. It emphasizes “fair play” and sharing in a Christian manner. Most days the children go outdoors for fresh air and physical exercise. Please remember to dress your child appropriately (mittens and hats in the winter) and label all belongings!

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