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Kindergarten through grade 6.

School Day Hours 8:40am - 3:15pm


Our Elementary School features a well-rounded curriculum with Catholic values integrated throughout. Our students are inspired to acquire an appetite for lifelong learning, a curiosity about the world, a heartfelt concern for others and a confidence in their own abilities and accomplishments.

Elementary Info

Spanish is taught from kindergarten through sixth grade. Each year, students progress through appropriate studies with an emphasis on proper pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary. Students begin verbs and sentence structure in third grade. Time in 3rd through 6th grade is spent on mastering subject and verb agreement as students navigate present tense verbs.

Currently, students in third through sixth grade explore Latin root words during foreign language instruction time. After discussing the meaning of these root words, students expand the discussion focusing on English words that have this “root word” in it. This exploration and discussion make students aware of the intentional and functional use of Latin root words in English. 

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