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Clubs and Activities


Coming Soon! Science and Technology form a natural bond that allows for the creation of a better learning environment. Students can utilize technology as the tool for finding information, collecting data, analyzing date and communicating their learning.

Science Explorers
3:30 - 4:40pm

Science Explorers is an innovative, hands-on science company dedicated to providing an opportunity for children ages 4-11 to become engaged in the wonders of science. Science Explorers can make science cool and exciting through an interactive, hands-on format, taught by our very own teachers. Learn about circuits, air pressure, minerals, make concoctions, launch a rocket and much more.

Children's Choir
3:30 - 5:00pm

Children's Choir is designed to engage SJB parish students in grades 3-6 to develop their musical skills, while serving the parish with liturgical music at Mass. We want your children to have the opportunity to serve the Lord through music and learn to lead others to do the same. They will also grow in their knowledge of vocal production and sight reading as they explore both the beauty and power God has designed music to communicate.

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