FaithFaith – Our growing, faith-filled community is founded upon daily religious instruction, classroom and school-wide prayer, weekly Friday Masses, and service learning.

As a Catholic school, St. John the Baptist is a community that is dedicated to being good stewards of our Catholic faith. Our motto is “Growing in Mind, Body and Soul with Jesus” and we take this very much to heart as we integrate Catholic identity into our school curriculum, striving to bring Christ’s teachings into every aspect of St. John the Baptist’s life. We are a diverse school and we thrive in that diversity, aiming to be examples of Christ’s love and light.

Pastor Father Mark Wilke plays integral and supportive roles in our school community. This engaging support includes leading us in our weekly Mass; offering regular opportunities for the Sacrament of Reconciliation; and visiting classrooms to offer insight into their vocation.

Why Catholic Schools?

  •  Catholic schools are communities noted for higher teacher commitment, student engagement, and student achievement (Marks 2009).
  •  In Catholic schools, the student achievement gap is smaller than in public schools (Jeynes, 2007; Marks & Lee, 1989).
  •  The Catholic school climate, mission, and purpose positively impact student achievement and attendance (Bryk, Lee, & Holland, 1993).
  • A faith-based orientation builds coherence and integration of schools and school community (Bryk, Lee, & Holland, 1993).