Who We Are


St. John the Baptist Catholic School, under the direction of the Diocese of Harrisburg, is a faith community committed to providing an education based on the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church with Christ as our cornerstone. This environment differentiates the Catholic school from other schools.

The goal of St. John the Baptist Catholic School is to develop the whole child by providing for the spiritual, educational, emotional, and physical needs of the students in partnership with the parents.   Special emphasis is placed on prayer, the Word of God, and the Sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church, especially the Sacraments of the Eucharist and Reconciliation.

Principle Goals:

St.  John the Baptist Catholic School offers education from pre-school through grade 6.  It helps students begin to develop the essential habits of mind and spirit that they will need to succeed at St. John’s and in life.  Students are inspired to acquire an appetite for lifelong learning, a curiosity about the world, a heartfelt concern for others and a confidence in their own abilities and accomplishments.  We provide a solid foundation of skills that children need to discover and reach their highest potential:  intellectually, spiritually, socially, physically, and emotionally.

Catholic values are integrated throughout the curriculum.  Children lead and participate in daily Morning Prayer, and attend Mass regularly.  We emphasize self worth, conflict resolution, compassion for the needy, responsibility to others, and positive decision-making.  We celebrate and recognize religious, cultural, and ethnic differences and similarities of the world.


All Grade school teachers are Certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Education
St. John the Baptist is a co-educational Catholic Elementary School for students 3 years old to grade 6
The challenging curriculum enables our students to achieve high scores on standardized tests


Our school was awarded Accreditation (the Gold Standard for measuring and advancing school performance) by Middle States Association in 2016.  Middle States accreditation standards are qualitative statements that reflect research-based best practices for schools.  These standards complement content area standards, which designate what students are expected to learn in various curriculum areas.  All of our curriculum is consistent with the teachings and values of the religious beliefs on which the school is founded.  Service programs reflect the mission of our school and are an integral part of the school’s educational programs.