What is EITC?

The Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) provides tax incentives for community businesses to contribute to scholarship organizations, allowing their state tax monies to remain in their communities.  In essence, it gives parents the economic means to choose the learning environment they believe best meets the needs of their children, regardless of their family income.  We welcome companies/businesses to participate in the EITC program.  Our eligible school families receive financial aid through this program. The Neumann Scholarship Foundation was founded to receive and disperse these funds to our school families.

How does this benefit SJBCS?

It is the vision of the Development Committee to obtain EITC dollars to apply towards the tuition of our school families who meet the Pennsylvania requirements.  Most businesses and self employed owners are eligible.  Please contact us to learn more about how you and your business can make a difference in providing a child with quality Catholic education via EITC.

What are the requirements?

Requirements for companies participating in the EITC Program are mandated by PA State Government. Through the Department of Economic Development, the state provides companies with a tax credit for donating to a nonprofit scholarship organization or an educational improvement organization.

How do I apply?

Please contact Michelle Manfredi 717-235-3525 x213