What is EITC?

The PA Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) program allows PA businesses to donate their PA tax liability to the scholarship organization of their choice!  For St. John the Baptist Catholic School, the scholarship organization is the Neumann Scholarship Foundation, Harrisburg PA.   The Business will earn a PA tax credit of 75% of that donation for a one-year EITC commitment and a 90% tax credit for a two-year commitment.

EITCHow does this benefit our School?

Your business can play a trans-formative role in St. John’s school by helping students and their families who struggle to provide their children with an excellent faith-based education simply because they are financially unable to do so.  Increased tuition assistance funds from EITC will allow more children to attend our school.  The EITC has accomplished what many in Pennsylvania had been advocating for years:  to get the business community more involved in education.  The EITC enables companies to support their local schools, at a minimal cost to them, instead of sending their tax dollars to Harrisburg.  It’s just that simple.  To quote a Lancaster Insurance executive, “The EITC program is the biggest no-brainer in the history of philanthropy and is a completely win-win situation for all qualifying businesses!”

How Do you Apply?

Applying for EITC is easy:  you simply go on-line to the PA Department of Community and Economic Development (DCED) on July 1 and fill out an application.  This process literally only takes a ½ hour to complete (Application Link).  We sincerely hope you will review this information and decide to take the application step toward providing a portion of your business’s PA tax liability to St. John’s scholarship fund through the Neumann Foundation.

For additional information and/or assistance, please contact Teresa Shaub, Development Director at 717-235-3525.